Vano Machavariani, an expert of the organization GSAC, discusses with the risks associated with the deepening of Georgia-China relations, emphasizing that this process could pose a significant threat to Georgia's sovereignty.
"Georgia's government is opening its doors wide to China, even as African, Asian, and Latin American countries have experienced the perilous consequences of forging close ties with China on their sovereignty. These nations, burdened by massive debts owed to China, have found themselves in dire economic straits, compelling them to relinquish assets of significant strategic importance. Now, they are seeking avenues to realign with Europe and the USA to mitigate these challenges. Argentina stands out as a prime example, endeavoring to break free from Chinese economic encroachment. Several nations have already trodden this path before us, underscoring the imperative for the public to exercise caution. Expert voices should amplify discussions on the positive aspects and the adverse consequences of the imbalanced relationship between Georgia and China. Given the disparate power dynamics between Georgia and China on the global stage, it is paramount for us to align with the USA, Europe, and our regional allies. This alignment is crucial to engaging with China from a position of strength and equality. Failing to do so may result in Georgia being engulfed by Chinese interests, potentially relegating us to obscurity on the international stage," noted expert Vano Machavariani.
According to him, "economic relations with China do not imply mutual benefits, and China will seek to exert control over everything, including the port of Anaklia."
"The significant issue lies in the economic expansion spearheaded by China, which disregards the concept of mutual benefit. China pursues its own substantial interests. Upon entering Georgia, it will endeavor to seize control over as much as possible, potentially including the port of Anaklia. Despite the potential positive outcomes for individual Georgian citizens through a visa-free regime with China, there exists a considerable risk that Georgia, as a sovereign state, may forfeit its autonomy. Examining China's geopolitical interests, it becomes evident that China aims to undermine the influence of the USA and Europe in every country. Drawing from my diplomatic experience, I can affirm that China will not take actions contrary to Russia's interests. Key areas of interest for China encompass ports, infrastructure, agro-industrial complexes, lands, and loans, which often become burdensome for recipient countries. China strategically extends loans that are likely to pose repayment challenges for nations in the long term, a pattern observed in various other states. Furthermore, the convergence of interests between Russia and China in Georgia and the Caucasus region presents a significantly higher risk compared to the alignment of interests between the USA and China. The potential implications of this alignment should be carefully considered. Especially when we consider the long-term conflict between these countries, we may find ourselves in an anti-US stance, thereby jeopardizing our country's sovereignty and potentially reverting to Russia's sphere of influence," stated GSAC expert Vano Machavariani.


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