The President has announced her intention to establish the "Platform of Unity for Europe," which will involve the participation of the opposition and civil society. She has expressed her readiness to set up a coordination center within the President's Administration, aimed at gathering all specific proposals on European priorities and contributing to the creation of a common document through dialogue and consensus. President Zurabishvili stated her plans to invite politicians from various political backgrounds and civil society representatives in the coming days. She emphasized that the platform will not serve the interests of any specific political party, but rather should be a "victory of unity, Europeanness, and the country." 

The President also addressed the opposition parties and called on them to end their confrontation.

"I appeal to you, the opposition. You also bear some responsibility. End the cursing, swearing, and confrontation with each other, as it incites hopelessness and nihilism in society. It is not my job to push you or tell you to unite or disband, but I am telling you that you should be able to agree on the main priorities for the country. You have to show the public that you can still talk, work, and achieve results together around this European goal. The main duty of the opposition is to mobilize and involve the society in supporting the European choice," - the President of Georgia said.

According to her, in order to achieve a common European goal, it is necessary to agree on the main priorities. She noted that she is ready to take her own responsibility in the formation of the platform, for which she plans to establish a coordination center within the administration of the President. This center will gather all specific proposals on European priorities and, through dialogue and consensus, support the joint formation of a document. 

"I am ready to meet and listen to everyone. There is no other winning formula. The victory formula does not mean the victory of any side or party, but the victory of unity, Europeanness, and the country. Just as Georgia as a whole emerged victorious on December 15, Georgia should also emerge victorious now: by carrying out reforms and holding fair elections," - the president added.

"Some may be very interested in dragging me into the arena of political wrestling and portraying me as the leader of a particular political force, position, or opposition. In vain! I have already passed through that phase. I warn you all to see and feel that the country and our extremely tired and disillusioned society can no longer tolerate endless hatred, exclusionary and destructive elections, preaching revenge, and the endless search for a scapegoat. Today, from this platform, we offer a formula for breaking out of the current deadlock and a way to seize this unique opportunity. The country needs unity. The society no longer believes in, nor wants to see, the repeated schemes for unifying parties. It also does not believe in claims about total victory. What is needed is a real goal and the gathering of living forces and the mobilization of energy around this single goal. We have a goal—the European future. To achieve this, it is necessary to agree on the main priorities. This can be achieved by establishing a joint platform. This is what we propose to create—a charter of the future—a platform of unity for Europe," - said President Salome Zurabishvili.



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